German Catholic Parishes

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"American Born With German Roots"

German John's World

Rev. Michael Roach, Chair, Dept. of Church History, Mt. St. Mary Seminary, Emmittsburg, MD

Mr. Foertschbeck's study of German Catholics and their Parishes contributes greatly to the religious, social, and cultural history of Baltimore and its surrounding areas. A very handsome book with many rare pictures in a marvelous lay-out, it is an imperative acquisition for students, scholars, and the general reading public. I was over-awed by the level of research.

Patrick Hayes, PhD, Archivist, Balto. Province Archives of the Redemptorist Fathers, Brooklyn, NY

John Foertschbeck's book is not only great local history, but highlights an important and often lost dimension of neighborhood cohesion and growth--the role of the parish church. In their four main parishes in the city of Baltimore, and for over a century and half, Redemptorist priests and brothers not only gave spiritual guidance, education, and pastoral care to swelling German communities, they helped provide a basis for social order, networked small businesses, and sponsored cultural fare for generations. Today their sole ministry at Sacred Heart in Highlandtown remains an anchor for a largely Latina/o population. The author draws from a deep and yet unexplored reservoir of factural data and suggests how the local church in Baltimore has weathered dramatic economic, social, and civic changes. A herculean effort!

Robert Emmel, Dir. of Salvation Army's Highlandtown Boy's Club (Retired)

Though not Catholic, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can attest to the accuracy of much of the information from experience and what I learned from my German friends and relatives. To be reminded of the beer gardens, bands and singing groups, the parks and clubs was like sitting and being enthralled as I listened to the elders of my youth. The focus of this book is the German Catholic Churches, but there is so much more information that fills a void of Maryland history. It is evident that John Foertschbeck's work was a dedicated effort, and shows a profound love for his heritage and church. He has provided an essential piece of Maryland history.

Rev. Richard K. Poetzel, C.Ss.R. former Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Highlandtown

Although John spends most of the book detailing four of the parishes established by the Redemptorists in the Archdiocese of baltimore, he also treats, though briefly, many other parishes founded or ministered by the Redemptorists not only in Maryland but also in other surrounding areas. As a result, this book is most important not only for the history of the Archdiocese of Baltimore but also for the history of the Redemptorists in the mid-Atlantic United States. I have found John's work thoroughly enjoyable and recommend it one and all.

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